I am seeing more and more urinary tract problems. Some of these involve infections in the urinary tract - with most of those cases, especially in younger or middle aged dogs and cats, you will notice your friend straining to urinate, urinating more frequently, or urinating in unusual places. You may also notice blood or pus in the urine, or a particularly foul odor to the urine. In older pets, you may not see the above signs, even if they have a serious infection. Sometimes older pets will develop kidney failure - those dogs and cats may drink more and urinate more than you think they should, and most will be losing weight. Unfortunately, we also will occasionally see tumors of the urinary system.  If you think your dog may have a urinary tract problem, try to bring along a urine sample, if possible, when you come in. You can follow your dog outside first thing in the morning with a flat clean glass or plastic tray, and transfer it to something clean with a lid to bring it in. Do refrigerate it until you get it here.