I have been the veterinarian for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department's Canine Unit for the last 27 years, and have served the St. Louis Airport Police Department's Canine Unit fo the last 17 years.  I probably see more working police dogs than anyone else in the Midwest.  I am very proud to be associated with these departments, and I've developed excellent techniques to effectively treat their numerous medical and surgical problems while minimizing their time out of service.  I really enjoy working with the dogs and the officers handling the dogs. 

Below is a video shot by KSDK, Channel 5, when Mike Roth's partner Bak suffered a serious injury while tracking a suspect.  You may need to have Quick Time program installed on your computer to view this video.  If you do, you can download the latest version of the program from it's official website by clicking on the link to the right.

External link opens in new tab or windowclich here to see Bak's video                          External link opens in new tab or windowdownload QuickTime 

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