We periodically receive faxes from various internet pharmacies requesting authorization to fill prescriptions.  We do not authorize faxed or phone prescriptions.  If we feel that it is proper to sell you a prescription drug, we are more than willing to write you out a prescription that you can have filled at the pharmacy of your choice.  If you are ordering from an on-line pharmacy, you need to then contact that pharmacy and ask them what address you can mail the written prescription to.  You cannot fax or e-mail this prescription to them - IT MUST BE MAILED!  Please allow enough time for them to receive the written prescription in the mail and for them to send you the drug.

There are certain things that you give up when purchasing drugs from an internet pharmacy:


Most heartworm, intestinal parasite control, and flea control products that you purchase from us come with guarantees from the manufacturer.  Some guarantees are more complete than others, and some have more qualifications than others.  Should you buy these drugs from an on-line pharmacy, the manufacturers for these drugs no longer guarantee them, and will not reimburse you for the products not working as intended.  You are giving up the manufacturer's guarantees when you purchase on-line..  Usually that is not a problem.  However, lets' talk about heartworm preventatives.  We did have a client whose dog developed heartworms while on heartworm preventative.  Because she did meet the qualifications for the guarantee program, Novartis, the maker of the Interceptor that her dog was on, paid approximately $1000 to us, which covered almost all of the cost of the heartworm treatment.  If she would have purchased the Interceptor online, they would have paid nothing.  Fortunately, resistance to heartworm drugs is still a rare problem, but it does happen, and research suggests that it is becoming more common.


If you purchase heartworm preventative drugs or flea control products from us, we allow you to return these drugs for a refund or credit as long as it is not too close to the expiration date of the products.  We always allow return of full containers, and we almost always allow return of individual doses.  I don't think most internet pharmacies allow this.

The United States Food and Drug Administration has put out a pamphlet and a video concerning possible problems you may encounter when ordering your pet's medications online.  The video can be viewed at:

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and the pamphlet can be viewed at:

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Should you wish to buy drugs and products from us, but can't stop by the office to pick them up, we can mail them to you for a very nominal fee.