Medical Services

Preventative care is at the core of everything we do. We believe in taking steps to prevent problems by maintaining a healthy weight, cleaning the teeth regularly, giving appropriate immunizations and providing effective parasite control. Pets who have good preventative care live longer and happier lives.

If pets do become ill, we are prepared to treat many different conditions including disorders of the skin, eye, ears, heart, lungs, kidneys and urinary tract, hormonal diseases and cancers among others. We offer radiology and laboratory services to help us diagnose and treat your pet properly. Recently we even diagnosed a pet with a very unique infection called hepatozoonosis which is extremely uncommon in our area. We consulted with specialist at Kansas State University and Auburn, to provide the appropriate care and are happy to report that pet is back with her family.

We believe that senior pets have special value and offer specific care to support aging including dentistry, blood profiles, nutritional support and arthritis care. We utilize medications, supplements, and regular examinations to ensure our older friends are comfortable as they age.

In addition to in house services, we work with specialist in the area to provide more advanced diagnostics and treatment options. .