Eye problems: One of my interests is ophthalmology, or the study of the eye. It has been said that the eye is the mirror of what is going on in the rest of the body. Sometimes when you bring your pet in with an eye problem, the problem is restricted solely to 1 or both of your pet’s eyes. At other times, however, what is going on in the eyes is a reflection of serious systemic problems in your pet. Should your pet’s eye problem require diagnostics or treatments that I don’t usually offer, I will refer you to Dr. Ben Johnson. Dr. Johnson and I were house mates back in veterinary school. He then went on to do a residency in veterinary ophthalmology, and is board certified as a specialist in that field. He can do cataract surgery, and he can do other types of eye surgeries, including laser surgeries. In fact, he and I did the corneal transplant on Missy, the office cat that many of you have seen here. He is a very practical specialist, and is very easy to talk to.

Ear problems: We see many many dogs and cats with ear problems. These problems can be caused by parasites (ear mites or mange), bacterial infections, fungal infections, inhaled allergies, food allergies. We will examine your pet’s ear. In many cases, I will look at some of the material from the ear under a microscope to try to ascertain the cause of the problem. I may send off a bacterial culture in some cases. I will usually clean the ears out, if there is much discharge present in them. I will then dispense one or a combination of topical medication, oral medication, cleaning agents, or parasiticides.  Manyof my canine patients benefit from you cleaning their ears out on a regular basis with one of several types of cleaning products that we can provide you with.  These products usually work much better than those you will find in pet stores.