Medical services include vaccinations and wellness checks. I also treat many different types of medical problems, including disorders of the skin, eye, ears, heart, lungs, kidneys and urinary tract, endocrine disorders (diseases of the endocrine glands like diabetes and hyper and hypothyroidism) , stomach and intestinal problems (vomiting and diarrhea),disorders of the nervous system, and cancer. Dogs and cats are just like children in that they get into fights and accidents, so we also spend a lot of our time dealing with the treatment of injuries, with treatments including antibiotics, steroids, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents, and bandaging. More and more of our time is spent with older patients and the treatment of their problems, including liver disease, kidney disease, back, hip and knee problems, and other types of arthritic problems, in order to slow down or stop the progression of these diseases, and to make our patients more comfortable with these disease by dispensing various types of pain control medications. For complicated medical problems, I can refer your pet to several groups of internal medicine specialists, and I also have 1 specialist that can come here.

Surgical services include neutering procedures (ovariohysterectomies (spays) and castrations. We will do these procedures on pets as young as 8 weeks of age, and on young adult, adult, and older adult pets also. I enjoy doing most soft tissue surgeries. The most delicate surgery I do is thyroid removal on cats that have hyperthyroidism. I also do a lot of wound repairs, urinary bladder and urethral surgery, and some eye surgery. Should a case be beyond my area of expertise I have several groups of surgical specialists to refer you friend to, should you so desire.

Diagnostic services (blood tests, urine tests, fecal tests, cultures, Radiology (X-ray) / ultrasound services: There are some laboratory tests that I personally run in my office. I will send many tests out to outside reference laboratories. I have an X-ray unit in the office that can take diagnostic pictures of just about any size dog or cat. I will interpret those films here, and I also have a group of radiologists I can send the films to to get their opinion. These same radiologists can come to my office to perform ultrasound procedures, or we can refer you to their office to have ultrasounds done.

Dentistry services: I have an ultrasonic scaler that I can use to clean your dog’s or cat’s teeth. More and more of our caseload involves trying to keep your dog’s teeth and gums as healthy as we reasonably can. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to extract teeth also. For cases that require skills or equipment beyond what I have, we can refer you to several veterinarians that do primarily or only dental work.

Miscellaneous services: we also offer house calls over a large portion of the metropolitan area, bathing of dogs and cats, limited grooming, microchip insertion, cat boarding, nail trimming, and anal gland expression. For those animals that require it , we perform humane euthanasia and, if desired, cremation of your pet’s body, and we can arrange for the return of your friend’s ashes in any one of a variety of urns (most of our clients choose to not have their pets ashes returned, though)

Retail sales: we offer a very comprehensive line of heartworm preventatives, flea and tick control products, and prescription diets, made by both the Hill's company and Ralston Purina. We also have a large selection of premium dog and cat foods, primarily Science Diet pet foods

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