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These are the heartworm preventatives and long acting flea and tick control drugs that we have available:

SENTINEL prevents heartworms, treats your dog for roundworms, hookworms and whipworms, and prevents fleas from reproducing on your dog. It has proven to be both very safe and very effective, and is given once a month. The company guarantees that dogs on SENTINEL will not test positive for heartworms and will not show signs of hookworm, roundworm, or whipworm disease. If they do, the company will pay a substantial portion of the diagnostic and treatment costs. Sentinel is best started before your pets develop an active flea infestation. SENTINEL SPECTRUM was just introduced, and adds tapeworm treatment to SENTINEL’s other benefits.

Should your pet already have fleas, we have several different products that are MUCH more effective than the products you find in grocery or pet stores, including Frontline and Frontline type products.

VECTRA is a topical product that kills 98% to 100% of the adult fleas on dogs and cats for at least a month, and stops the development of many pre-adult fleas, both on your pet and in the environment. You simply apply it to the skin on the neck or down the back. We guarantee that you will be happy with it’s flea killing action. It also kills and repels ticks and repels mosquitoes on dogs for 1 month.

NEXGARD is a tablet that is given once a month, and kills 99+% of the fleas and ticks that your dog is exposed to for a period of 30 days. It is the first tablet that has a label claim to kill ticks. We started dispensing it last year, and I have had no complaints about it’s effectiveness.

ADVANTAGE MULTI prevents heartworms, KILLS adult fleas, and treats dogs and cats for hookworms and roundworms. The drug is also labeled to kill ear mites in cats and treat whipworms in dogs. It is a liquid you apply to the back of your cat’s neck, or to the back of your dog between the shoulder blades and the base of the neck, once a month. If your dog is on this drug year round and contracts heartworms, Bayer will pay most of the cost to treat him. If your dog is on this drug less than year round and contracts heartworms, they will pay some of the cost to treat him. Certain other conditions apply. They will also pay to treat him if he develops clinical disease from hookworms, roundworms, or whipworms.

TRIFEXIS is a tablet that prevents heartworms, treats for round, hook, and whipworms, and kills fleas. We have found it to be very effective at doing all of these things. They also will pay for some of the cost of treating your dog for heartworms if your pet develops them while on this product.

Whether cats need to receive heartworm preventative in this area is debatable. We have had several cats test positive for heartworms, even though it is very difficult to diagnose heartworms in a cat. Newer studies are suggesting that we have been underestimating the degree of the problem. It appears that cats can suffer significant disease from being infected with baby heartworms, even if those worms never grow up to become adult heartworms. In fact, many experts are now suggesting that a large number of the cats that we see suffering from asthma, bronchitis, or other respiratory diseases are actually cats suffering from a heartworm infection that never developed into an adult heartworm. And, if a cat’s heartworm does develop into an adult, many of those cats die from the infection. Even indoor cats seem to be at some risk, as 1 study found that 20+ % of the cats that contracted heartworms in that study were considered to be inside cats. REVOLUTION and ADVANTAGE MULTI are very effective for heartworm prevention in the cat, and have other actions that you may find beneficial. They also kill fleas, kill ear mites, and treat your cat for roundworms and hookworms. Because these drugs are safe, effective and have other actions, because it is very difficult and expensive to diagnose heartworms in a cat, because there is no effective treatment for cats that do develop adult heartworms and many of those cats will die, and because many cats develop non life threatening but chronic disease even if the worm does not develop into an adult, you may decide it is beneficial to put your cat on one of these drugs.