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Skin problems: Hardly a day goes by that we don’t see a dog or cat with something wrong with their skin. Causes of skin problems are similar to the causes of eye problems. Parasites are probably the number one cause of the skin problems we see, and the most common parasite we see are fleas. We have very very effective treatments for fleas - some of these products also work on ticks. We currently offer Vectra, Advantage, Advantage Multi, Comfortis, Revolution, Sentinel, and Frontline. Please see the section on Heartworm preventatives and flea control products for a description of each of these products. We also see ticks and mites (mites cause mange). We see a lot of bacterial infections of the skin, and we see some fungal infections also. We see many allergic problems. We also see dogs and cats that damage their own skin, and the damage the dog or cat is doing quickly becomes more important than whatever initially caused the pet to start to chew or scratch at itself. We treat skin problems with parasiticides, antibiotics, and antifungal agents. We may dispense medicated shampoos to help your dog’s skin. We also will use cortisone type drugs in some cases, and we will see if you dog responds to antihistamines for skin allergies. Should we not be able to achieve satisfactory control of your dog’s skin problem, I will refer you to Dr. Paul Caciolo. He is board certified in veterinary dermatology. He was in my class - in fact, he was at the top of my class. And he is a very good dermatologist.